The modular high-voltage converter of frequency Danfoss of the VEDADRIVE series is  issued since 2017.

Among the distinguishing features of the frequency converter VEDADRIVE

  • high efficiency ( efficiency higher than 96% including a transformer ), energy saving, 
  • modular multi-level design, 
  • liquid cooling capability
  • automatic voltage regulation to protect the insulation against overvoltage,
  • high torque at low frequencies
  • Pickup functions on the fly and  power loss compensation.

It is also worth noting the wide range of input voltage, easy-to-maintain layout and compact size, Russian-language interface and a graphical touch control panel.

Danfoss frequency converters of the VEDADRIVE series can control 6-11 kV high-voltage motors with power from 315 to 25,000 kVA, with non-linear current distortion THiD <5%.

In addition to the classical regulation, VEDADRIVE high-voltage frequency converters have the ability to return electricity to the network.

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