Pneumatech Line filter

Pneumatech Line filter

This explains our choices for:

  • two perforated stainless steel filter cores (strength)
  • additional protection layers between filter media and cores (no cracks)
  • double O-rings for proper cartridge fixation (no leaks)
  • epoxy sealed end caps (guaranteed fixation)

Guaranteed purity

  • High-efficient flas fiber and foam media 
  • No risks of cracked filter media, cylinder implosion, top cap leakages or oil re-entrainment

Significant energy savings

Low pressure losses thanks to optimal filter media selection

Highest quality standards

  • In-house research, development & production
  • Each filter subjected to rigorous quality control
  • Fully certified according to ISO standards

Robust design

Stainless steel cores guarantee ultimate strength

  • Protection paper to avoid damaging of glass fiber media
  • Anti-corrosive coated filter housing

Easy service and installation

  • Push-on filter cartridges
  • Different grade, different color
  • Differential pressure gauge on HE range (indicator for sizes 1 to 3)