IESco is official Partner of DULEVO (Italy) in Georgia

Dulevo International is a leading and largest manufacturer of professional scrubbers for commercial, industrial and urban cleaning founded in 1976 in Parma, Italy.

Over 40 years passed after a group of technicians designed the first prototype of the historic 120 model scrubber in a small garage. With this tiny workshop and earliest production, the team created a history of technology which expanded ever since and continues to grow by operating in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The company opened its first plant in 1982 featuring 200 and 500 models. The local market immediately demonstrated great interest and gave overwhelming appreciation to the machines. The brand rapidly spread throughout Europe.

Since foundation, the company has focused on ensuring high standards of quality. The steady drive for technological development enabled the company to expand its range of products to meet customer demands and market needs. With this purpose, Dulevo developed several product lines: street sweepers, industrial scrubbers, walk behind and man on board.