Ingersoll Rand Turbo Compressor

We understand that you have a job to complete, so we have designed a variety of high-quality and low-maintenance commercial and industrial air compressors to fit your needs.

Ingersoll Rand Turbo compressors offer businesses the very best combination of time-proven designs and technologies plus new, advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, and productivity available.

Created using our design expertise, many of our Turbo compressors are available with variable speed drives and an intuitive user interface. At Ingersoll Rand, we not only provide world-class products and support, but also the peace of mind that comes from our commitment to stand behind our customers in all aspects of what we do

The US-based Ingersoll Rand is a multinational company, which operates in two segments: Industrial Technologies & Services and Precision & Science Technologies. Ingersoll Rand counts over 160 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing world-class products, which are sold under more than 40 brands across all major global markets.

Ingersoll Rand represents the brand that has stood the test of time. It is a global leader in compressed air, gas systems and services, power tools and fluid management equipment. Ingersoll Rand is a top-seller manufacturer of air compressors.

Ingersoll Rand air compressors offer superlative solutions and services for any industry. Its variety of air compressors can be found in any applications ranging from garage workshops to large manufacturing facilities.

A wide array of Turbo compressors designed by Ingersoll Rand fit the needs of modern industries.

Ingersoll Rand Turbo compressors offer industries the very best combination of time-proven designs and technologies plus advanced and up-to-date features that ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and productivity keeping the manufacturing processes run smoothly even in extreme operating conditions.

“An Ingersoll Rand compressor speaks for itself with a reputation of durability and reliability,” says Steve Robbins, Compressor Expert and former manager at Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand new-generation Turbo  compressors are available with variable speed drives and are equipped with remote controllers for easy access, programming and adjustment of settings through any common web browser. Users can automatically start or stop compressors for shift changes or preventative maintenance.

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