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About IESco

IESco has emerged as an active operator on the Georgian market since 2011 providing a wide range of industrial appliances, their sale and service. The company features air screw compressors, oxygen and nitrogen generators, electric motors and frequency drives, automation, refurbishment, upgrade, service and a variety of other key directions in modern industry.

IESco offers optimal and handy solutions for your requirements and ensures full service, backup and maintenance of its installed equipment.

IESco is proud of pioneering the production of air screw compressors in 2015.Our company’s manufactured products are used in the breaking system of trains and subway cars.

IESco team is staffed with highly-qualified specialists. The certificates awarded by leading companies such as ROTORCOMP, SIEMENS, DANFOSS, EKOMAK, INGERSOLL RAND, INMATEC, OMEGA AIR back their experience


Air Screw Compressors

A screw compressor is a new technology, compressed air producing equipment, unhinderedly offers production compressed air throughout 24 hours

Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

PSA technology is the most effective, stable systems, that will supply your production with 95% purity Oxygen and 99,999% purity Nitrogen throughout 24 hours.

Electric Motors

The new electric motors are IE2, IE3 and IE4 efficiency guarantors. Our experience shows that buying a new electric motor is much rather effective, than the result of handmade winding method

Danfoss Frequency Drives (VFD)

Motor frequency invertor is a unique equipment that can make the motor work on any rpm count, even rise your spins behind the nominal limit. For example: 3000 rpm motor can work on 12000 rpm, before the bearings make all of their allowed spins. It is also very important that frequency invertors make your energy costs 10-60% lower and can protect your electric motors and mechanical equipment

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David Doborjginidze

David Doborjginidze


After receiving education at the Georgian Technical University and working on many technical positions, I decided to start my own business. In 2011, I founded the company IESco, which specializes in the sale and service of compressed air systems.

Based on personal experience, the service sector was at a very low level both in Georgia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. I had a great desire to establish a company, which would focus on the well-being of a customer.

Therefore, I devoted much effort and resources to the team-building process, with a particular focus on quality of service, customer-oriented service and professionalism. I am grateful to the team, which managed to turn my aspiration into their goal.

My wish came true!


Kakhaber Ramishvili

Kakhaber Ramishvili


Beka Zhghenti

Beka Zhghenti


Gvantsa Shalamberidze

Gvantsa Shalamberidze