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Compressed air compressor: How to know which type of a compressor fits my needs?

There are many types of compressors to receive compressed air. It is significant to know for what purpose we use compressed air. Consult qualified persons in advance to choose the right type of a compressor in order to prevent drawbacks in the operating process later.

How to choose the right compressor?

Taking into count two main parameters is significant: Compressor performance and operating pressure. Performance can be measured in litre/min, m3/min and m3/hr, while pressure – bar or megapascal. Exact knowledge of these two parameters is the key to select a suitable compressor. Therefore, consult with us to make the right choice.

Can climate conditions affect compressor performance?

Yes, all compressor producing companies test compressors against different climate conditions and incorporate the data in technical characteristics.

Why to use nitrogen and oxygen generators?

We offer air nitrogen and oxygen adsorption method generators. Oxygen is used in air form for many purposes including clinics, laser cutting machines, etc. Nitrogen is widely used in various industries, namely winemaking, food processing plants, etc.

What is electric motor frequency management?

In our catalog, you will find blocs of Danfoss, a global leader in advanced power conversion technologies. Frequency management in motors is an electric device, which converts one frequency into another. Electric motor frequency management is used to manage the number of rotations, applied to damper devices, pumps, different types of conveyor belts, etc.

What is an air dryer, how to choose the right dryer for an air compressor and what are key differences?

Air dryers are used to eliminate hydrogen molecules from the compressed air by a compressor that condenses into liquid water. We offer two types of air dryers – Refrigerated and Adsorption which distinguish based on the final output. The dew point of Refrigerant compressed air dryers is +3C, while in case of Adsorption dryer -40C.

Why do we need to filter compressed air?

All devices have specific features indicating the amount of consumed air, minimal and maximal pressure and possibly, the required grade of compressed air. To achieve different grades it is essential to select the correct filtration levels and sequence.

Is it important for air reservoir to be new and not used?

Yes, compressed air reservoir is the device of increased hazard. You should be cautious when choosing it. Knowing the production date, operating pressure and maximal pressure is a must. Air reservoir undergoes testing during manufacturing and a corresponding certificate is issued with the limited validity. We recommend selecting the right air reservoir from a reliable producer for your industry and staff safety.