Air Dryers and Treatment

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Compressed air dryers represent basic and primary parts of the compressed air system.

Atmospheric air contains water vapour independently of environment conditions and geographical locations be it the tropics or a desert. When the air or gas cools to the temperature  when it can no longer hold water vapour, it begins to condense into liquid water.

This temperature is called the dew point, which also measures the needed amount of compressed dry air. Clean and dry compressed air reduces operational costs.

Air impurities such as solid particles, water and oil, will settle on the inner surface of pipes. This will cause the drop of pressure and will eliminate undesired loss of performance efficiency. Types of compressed air dryers: (High pressure) Heatless desiccant regenerated adsorption dryers, Membrane compressed air dryers, Refrigerant compressed air dryers, Heat regenerated adsorption dryers