Air Blowers Aerzen

Since 1864, AERZEN has designed high-performance machines for the industry.

AERZEN has evolved from a single-machine manufacturer into a global player, delivering reliable, highly-effective and energy-efficient blowers and screw compressors all over the world.

On the way forward, AERZEN has masterminded complex innovations and developed new technologies with the dual objective to respond to the market needs and to push them forward.

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The history and culture of evolution and progress contributed to AERZEN’s becoming a symbol of quality. When hearing or reading AERZEN on a product, a customer knows exactly what to expect and count on.

The Delta Blowers are robust, durable machines designed for non-stop and flawless compressor processes.

The Delta Blower Generation 5 is the combination of successful characteristics developed during previous generations incorporated with new technical innovations that already meet the market requirements of the future.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik was the first blower manufacturer to design compact units in 1960, and to further develop this type of machine ever since.

Delta Blower Generation 5 is, therefore, the 5th generation of AERZEN blower units representing the successful unity of tradition and innovation.