Air Receiver

IESco ltd offers gas, liquid and air tanks of any complexity and size for various purposes. Tanks can be made according to your request. We just need to get information from you about the volume, size, temperature and pressure of the tank you need. We can offer Carbon steel metal as well as galvanized and stainless metal tanks.

Compressed Air Tanks

Our product range covers tank sizes with volumes from 100 liters to 20.000 liters with pressure ratings from 8 to 40 bar;in vertical or horizantial.

Tanks are manufactured according to EN13445,AD 2000,EN286 and ASME sec VIII div 1 standards,are certified under Directive 97/23/EC and CE marked.

LPG Storage Tanks

Tanks for safe storage of propane/butane in aboveground and underground types,with capacities from 500liters to 250.000liters.

Tanks are manufactured according to AD-2000 (German Standard), EN 13445 or ASME sec VIII,div 1 are certified Directive 97/23/EC and CE marked..

Capacities : 500-250.000 liters
Outer diameters : 800/1000/1200/1600/1900/2500/3000/3300mm
Operating pressure : 17,16bar
Test pressure : 24,54bar
Operating temperature : -20/+50C
Manufacturing standard : AD-2000,EN13445 or ASME sec VIII div 1
Regulation : European Pressure Directive 97/23/EC

Head type : Elipsoidal
Material quality : P355GH/NH or S355J2+N
Surface finish : Sand blasted and painted


Other Vessels/Special Vessels


According to customer request we also manufacture special vessels such as nitrogen gas tanks,refrigerant gas tanks and process gas tanks...


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