Screw Compressors in Metro Tbilisi

In 2016 IESco had another project with Tbilisi Metropolitan, creating, composing, installing special compressors for the carriage brake system, which ended with success.

Made in Georgia Screw Compressor IES-7.5 working principle:

Screw compressor air End NK31 (German Rotorcomp) is directly driven by a 7.5kw Electric motor. Produced air is supplying metropolitan carriage brake systems, Pneumatic and electrified devices with compressed air.

As the metropolitan electric grid does not equip with 400 volt 50hz system, the IES-7.5 Compressor is implemented with Danfoss FC-302 inverter which converts DC power to AC power, which then feeds compressor with threefold 400 AC 50hz.